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  • Occupancy: Cabins must be registered to and occupied by someone AT LEAST 25 YEARS OF AGE, 1 or 2 ADULTS ONLY, no children, no additional guests allowed. Check-in after 3pm. Checkout by 10am. This provides enough time for each cabin and hot tub to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between stays. Please NO early check-ins and/or late checkouts.
  • Access: You will receive a confirmation email with the address, directions, access instructions, and lockbox code. Our cabins are located on a gravel road with a steady incline that is NOT SUITABLE FOR MOTORCYCLES.
  • Pets: Some people are very allergic to pet dander; we DO NOT ALLOW PETS of any kind on the property. If you bring a pet, you will be told to leave and will NOT receive a refund.
  • Smoking/Vaping: For the comfort of all our guests, there is NO SMOKING OR VAPING INSIDE ANY CABIN. If there is evidence of smoking or vaping: odor of smoke, or damage from smoking in the cabins, there will be a minimum $100.00 charge. We want each cabin to be kept to the highest standards; thank you for your understanding.
  • Damages: You are liable for any damage to the cabin or its furnishings. The cabin was inspected and filmed before your visit to ensure all furnishings, equipment, and electronics are working and in proper condition. We request that you report to us any damage that occurs during your stay. The cabin will also be inspected and filmed after your visit, and you will be charged in full for any damages to the cabin, missing items, or excessive cleaning.
  • Cancellations: Reservations cancelled within 30 days of your arrival date will incur a $50 cancellation fee (per cabin rented). At the time of the cancellation, you have the option of re-booking a future stay, within 365 days of equivalent duration. If you choose not to re-book with us, we will refund any monies paid minus the $50 cancellation fee. If we are able to re-rent the specified cabin, for any of your “cancelled” dates we are happy to issue you a refund for those dates.
  • Refunds: We do not refund money for no-shows, late check-ins, early check-outs, inclement weather, or any other reason.  No credits or refunds will be issued for the interruption of services such as phone, electric, satellite TV, internet; failure of these is beyond our control. In the event of a failure of one of these services, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can request assistance from the proper provider.
  • Safety: Guests are responsible for their own safety inside and outside of the cabin. Guests should always lock their vehicles and the cabin when they are away, and at other times when necessary. We are not responsible for damage, theft, or loss to or from guests’ personal property. We do NOT allow hunting, target practice, or the discharge of firearms on the property. NO MOTORCYCLES, 4-Wheelers, ATVs, or other motorized recreational vehicles are permitted. Caution should be used when on the property and guests should wear appropriate attire. Please take precautions if you are allergic to bees or wasps, and be aware of the wildlife present in the mountains including deer, bears, wildcats (bobcats), snakes, etc. Do NOT leave food out or throw it in the woods.
  • Noise: All our guests appreciate this rural mountain area. Sounds seem amplified in this environment, especially when outside. Please be considerate of other guests at all times, especially between 10pm and 8am. NO parties or large groups allowed.
  • Hot tubs: There are certain health risks associated with the use of hot tubs. Each registered guest is responsible to inform his or her guest of the possible risks. Physicians strongly discourage pregnant women from using a hot tub. Consult a physician if you have any questions or concerns before using the hot tub. Our hot tubs are drained, cleaned, and refill with fresh water between guest stays. A clean filter is inserted, and the water is treated to adjust/balance the pH, alkalinity, water hardness, etc. The water is then shocked and sanitized using CDC recommended and EPA approved products.
  • Weather: A 4-wheel drive vehicle (and/or chains) MAY be required during the winter months in the event of inclement weather or an accumulation of ice/snow. If we determine the weather conditions are so severe that your safety may be jeopardized, we will cancel your reservation extending you the option to re-book at a future date. Power outages are rare but can occur. If the electricity goes out, it is generally only for a very short time. The well pump will not work, the toilet will not flush, and you may need to start a fire in the wood stove to stay warm, depending on the length of the power interruption.
  • Personal belongings: Please check your cabin thoroughly for any personal belongings prior to your departure. If you realize that you have left an item behind, please contact us. If the item is found, it can be returned to you for shipping costs.